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In recent years, the multifamily real estate market in the Garden State has seen a remarkable surge in demand, transforming it into a dynamic and highly competitive arena. At SAGE, we’ve not only kept pace with these changes, we have also positioned ourselves at the forefront of the industry to provide you with unparalleled expertise and insights whether you’re buying or selling a multifamily property.


As your trusted partner in multifamily property dispositions, we provide tailored services, industry experience, market insights, and comprehensive support through the entire process.


We provide expert guidance in multifamily property acquisitions, offering market analysis, property sourcing, due diligence, financial analysis, negotiation, and contract assistance.

Maximizing Value with Insights and Technology

Our exclusive commitment to the multifamily segment sets us apart. This focused dedication allows us to maintain a direct line of communication with active multifamily investors, influential lenders, and renowned property management companies. We don’t rely on secondhand information; we go straight to the source.

Obtaining firsthand information is a fundamental principle that forms the bedrock of our approach to determining the true value of a multifamily asset. We don’t rely solely on historical data; our team actively engages with key players in the market to understand current and emerging trends. This enables us to adjust our strategies and recommendations with agility, ensuring you get the most accurate and up-to-date insights for your investment decisions.

Additionally, our team leverages innovative technology to continuously monitor and record buyer/investor activity, as well as the latest sales transactions in the market. These tools and resources allow us to pinpoint the financial metrics and investment criteria associated with these transactions. By doing so, we can fine-tune our property valuations and underwriting processes with precision and accuracy.

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